Ruthenium atomically dispersed in carbon outperforms platinum toward hydrogen evolution in alkaline media

Congratulations to Bingzhang and Prof. Ping, as well as Feng Wu and Tyler Smart, for their work in collaboration with Prof. Shaowei Chen on carbon nanowires co-doped with ruthenium and nitrogen which has just been published in Nature Communications. This work develops a unique system which has the unprecedented ability to function as an effective hydrogen evolution catalyst in alkaline media and has shown to outperform the prestigious platinum. Due to the high-impact of this work it has been well-received in media, such as a recent article in the UCSC news center.

Bingzhang Lu, Lin Guo, Feng Wu, Yi Peng, Jia En Lu, Tyler Smart, Nan Wang, Y. Zou Finfrock, David Morris, Peng Zhang, Ning Li, Peng Gao, Yuan Ping, and Shaowei Chen, Nature Communications, 10, 631 (2019). Link to full article here.

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