Combined Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Atomic Doping To Enhance Photon Absorption and Carrier Transport of LaFeO3 Photocathodes

Congratulations to Valentin, Tyler and Prof. Ping, for their recent publication in Chemistry of Materials!

Perovskite-type lanthanum iron oxide, LaFeO3, is a p-type semiconductor that can achieve overall water splitting using visible light while maintaining photostability. These features make LaFeO3 a promising photocathode candidate for various photoelectrochemical cells. Currently, the photoelectrochemical performance of a LaFeO3 photocathode is mainly limited by considerable bulk electron–hole recombination. This study reports a combined theoretical and experimental investigation on the atomic doping of LaFeO3, in particular, substitutional doping of La3+ with K+, to increase its charge-transport properties and decrease electron–hole recombination. The computational results show that K-doping enhances not only the charge-transport properties but also photon absorption below the bandgap energy of the pristine LaFeO3.  Link to the full article here.

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