Tyler Smart

Tyler Smart

Graduate Student


Ph.D. Physics Department, University of California-Santa Cruz
B.S. Physics, Humboldt State University

Research Interests

  • Electron/hole polaron formation and transport in doped transition metal oxides
  • Charged defects in two-dimensional for defect-based qubits
  • Chemical reactions for HER, OER, ORR at doped catalyst surface

Select Publications

Yuan Ping* and Tyler Smart, “Computational Design of Quantum Defects in Two-Dimensions”, Under Review (2021).

Tyler Smart, Valentin Urena Baltazar, Mingpeng Chen, Bin Yao, Frank Bridges, Yat Li, and Yuan Ping*, “The Doping Bottleneck in Hematite: Multipole Clustering by Small Polarons”, Under Review, (2021).

Tyler Smart†, Kejun Li†, Junqing Xu and Yuan Ping*, “Intersystem Crossing and Exciton-Defect Coupling of Spin Defects in Hexagonal Boron Nitride”, npj Computational Materials, in press, (2021). Preprint: arXiv:2009.02830

Andjela Radmilovic†, Tyler J. Smart†, Yuan Ping*, and Kyoung-Shin K. Choi*, “Combined Experimental and Theoretical Investigations of n-Type BiFeO3 for Use as a Photoanode in a Photoelectrochemical Cell”, Chemistry of Materials, 32, 3262, (2020).

Tyler Smart, Tuan Anh Pham, Yuan Ping*, and Tadashi Ogitsu*, “Optical Absorption Induced by Small Polaron Formation in Transition Metal Oxides – The Case of Co3O4”, Physical Review Materials (Rapid Communications), 3, 102401(R) (2019).

Feng Wu, Tyler Smart, Junqing Xu and Yuan Ping*, “Carrier Recombination Mechanism at Defects in Wide Band Gap Two-dimensional Materials from First Principles”, Physical Review B (Rapid Communications), 100, 081407(R), (2019). arXiv:1906.02354

Garrett P. Wheeler, Valentin Urena Baltazar, Tyler J. Smart, Andjela Radmilovic, Yuan Ping*, and Kyoung-Shin Choi*, “Combined Theoretical and Experimental Investigations of Atomic Doping to Enhance Photon Absorption and Carrier Transport of LaFeO3 Photocathodes”, Chemistry of Materials, 31, 5890 (2019).

Tyler Smart†, Feng Wu†, Marco Govoni and Yuan Ping*, “Fundamental Principles for Calculating Charged Defect Ionization Energies in Ultrathin Two-Dimensional Materials”,  Physical Review Materials, 2, 124002 (2018).  arXiv:1808.03221

Tyler Smart†, Allison Cardiel†, Feng Wu, Kyoung-Shin Choi* and Yuan Ping*, “Mechanistic Insights of Enhanced Spin Polaron Conduction in CuO through Atomic Doping”, npj Computational Materials, 4, 61 (2018)

 Tianyi Kou†, Tyler Smart†, Bin Yao, Irwin Chen, David Thota, Yuan Ping*, and Yat Li*, “Theoretical and Experimental Insight into the Effect of Nitrogen Doping on Hydrogen Evolution Activity of Ni3S2 in Alkaline Medium”, Advanced Energy Materials, 8, 1703538 (2018).

Tyler J. Smart and Yuan Ping*, “Effect of Defects on the Small Polaron Formation and Transport Properties of Hematite from First-Principles Calculations”, Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 29, 394006 (2017).
Bingzhang Lu, Tyler J. Smart, Dongdong Qin, Jia En Lu, Nan Wang, Limei Chen, Yi Peng, Yuan Ping* and Shaowei Chen*, “Nitrogen and Iron-Codoped Carbon Hollow Nanotubules as High-Performance Catalysts toward Oxygen Reduction Reaction: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Study”, Chemistry of Materials, 29, 5617-5628 (2017).


LLNL Graduate Research Scholar Program
ARCS Fellowship
NSF Quantum Information Science and Engineering Award
GANN Fellowship (University of California - Santa Cruz).
Summa Cum Laude (Humboldt State University).

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