Dr. Hiroyuki Takenaka

Dr. Hiroyuki Takenaka

Assistant Project Scientist
Assistant Project Scientist, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of California - Santa Cruz

Professional Experience

Postdoc at University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Postdoc at Carnegie Institution for Science
2008-2009, 2011-2015
Postdoc at University of Pennsylvania
Postdoc at Oak Ridge National Laboratory


PhD, Mechanical Engineering, School of Science and Engineering, Meiji University

Research Interests

Theoretical material science and condensed matter physics for predictions and elucidations of spin lifetime and optomagnetic effect in 2D systems using the first-principles methods.


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F. Zheng, H. Takenaka, F. Wang, N.Z. Koocher, and A. M. Rappe, “First-principles calculations of the bulk photovoltaic effect in CH3NH3PbI3 and CH3NH3PbI3-xClx”,  Journal of Physical Chemical Letters 6, 31 (2014).

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G.Y. Gou, J. W. Bennett, H. Takenaka, and A. M. Rappe, “Post density functional theoretical studies of highly polar semiconductive Pb(Ti1-xNix)O3-x solid solutions : Effects of cation arrangement on band gap”, Physical Review B 83, 205115 (2011).

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K. Tsumuraya, T. Nagano, H. Eguchi, and H. Takenaka, “Optimized structures of Si28 and Ba@Si28 clusters : Ab initio study”, International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 91, 328-332 (2003).

K. Tsumuraya, T. Nagano, H. Eguchi, and H. Takenaka, “Exoheral Bonding Nature of Si Atom on the Ba@Si28 Cluster: Ab initio Study”, Materials Transactions 43, 704-707 (2002).


Special researcher trainee fellowship (Meiji University)
Meiji University Special Scholarship (Full tuition covered)

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